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Fibonacci Betting system

The Fibonacci betting system is among the most famous systems used by gamblers all around the world. In its essence, this is a strategy of negative progression. One of the best things about Fibonacci is that you can use the system basically for every game. Some people even use it in sports betting as well. Let's dive into the Fibonacci world in this article, which is part of our verified betting strategies.

As it's pretty evident by the name, this system is based on Fibonacci's famous sequence of numbers. The sequence is really simple to understand - every next number you have equals the sum of the two previous. It starts with 0 or 1, and it can go on forever. You get it, right? Until today, some people still call the Fibonacci "Nature's number system."

What people in the gambling world use the Fibonacci for? Most of them prefer to rely on this system at different table games such as roulette, blackjack, and craps. But how we said, you can perfectly use it in sportsbooks as well.

One of the best things about Fibonacci is the fact that it's considered a system with a very low risk for the player. But how does it work exactly? First of all, what does a "negative progression" means? It's simple - it means that you have to increase your bet whenever you lose, while also reducing it when you win. That's the whole idea behind the Fibonacci in gambling - you're supposed to win more significant amounts of money with your winning stakes compared to the losing ones. Here's an important note: in gambling, we are using the Fibonacci system in its original shape, but we are ignoring the zero in the beginning. You're free to determine for yourself the size of your wager, too. Most of the time, we recommend starting with 1 unit because it's going to be simpler for you in that way. At least most gamblers are doing it this way. If you win - then keep the stake the same. If it happens to lose, increase your bet with the next number in the sequence.

An important note: if you find yourself in a losing streak, don't hesitate to continue with increasing the stake. When you break the losing streak and finally win again, reduce the stake with one number from the Fibonacci sequence.

What makes the Fibonacci different from the Martingale, for example? These two systems may seem similar to you, but there's a difference. The Fibonacci is less aggressive to your bank, simply because it does not climb as fast as other strategies. Such as the Martingale. Of course, there are some negatives about the Fibonacci system. Some people think that you could lose too much money if you go on a negative streak. That's something we could say about a lot of negative progression systems. That's our explanation about the Fibonacci betting system. That's a negative progression system which a lot of people use for casino and sports betting. You must decide for yourself if it fits your style or not. Meanwhile, stay with us because we can offer you much more verified betting strategies.